Duke Energy Subsidiaries Plead Guilty, Sentenced for Clean Water Act Crimes Study Shows Variation in Waters Produced from Fracking USDA to Invest Up To $235 Million in Conservation Partnerships Federal Agencies Announce Resilient Lands & Waters Initiative Government to Fund Water Quality, Energy Efficiency Projects Across Rural America
May 22, 2015
The city of Gloucester, city of Lynn and the town of Sturbridge public water systems received awards from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for recent... more
May 22, 2015
The International Erosion Control Assn. (IECA) is accepting submissions for presentations for Environmental Connection 2016 held Feb. 16 to 19, 2016 in San Antonio.... more
May 21, 2015
As part of the Obama Administration's continued effort to bring relief to western communities suffering from the historic drought, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell... more
May 21, 2015
The American Public Works Association (APWA) kicked off National Public Works Week with the “Low and Slow Across America’s Infrastructure Tour” launch at the Washington, D.C... more
March 30, 2015
Making cities smarter and more resilient to the effects of climate change and extreme weather efforts with new technologies is a growing trend across the nation, for good... more
March 30, 2015
Extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity. More than 10 trillion gal per year of polluted storm water runoff now flood neighborhoods and enter the... more
March 30, 2015
Grottoes, Va., is a town of 2,600 people, and is notable for its proximity to Grand Caverns, America’s oldest show cave. As underground features go, Grand Caverns is a good... more
March 30, 2015
As a part of its Climate Action Plan and as a result of the historic 2007 drought in North Carolina’s Piedmont area, Duke University is constructing a $14 million water... more
March 30, 2015
As one of the country’s most important and iconic water systems, the Florida Everglades have become a symbol for the state of Florida and a major focus for ongoing... more

Over the past half-century, corrugated steel pipe (CSP) coatings—such as polymer-coated and aluminized Type 2 (ALT2)—have increased in popularity due to their exceptional service-life capabilities. Independent field evaluations have proven that when specified within the industry-recommended... more

  • Over the past half-century, corrugated steel pipe (CSP) coatings—such as polymer-coated and aluminized Type 2 (ALT2)—have increased in popularity due to their exceptional service-life capabilities... more

  • StormChamber is an open-bottom, HDPE infiltration chamber that functions in permeable and non-permeable soils for subsurface retention, detention, convergence and reuse of storm water. The... more

  • Yardney backwashing media filters are designed for storm water treatment challenges. The filters use sand media, multimedia and granular activated carbon. These durable carbon steel systems are... more

  • The HydroStor HS180 has an installed storage capacity of 180 cu ft per chamber, and the HydroStor HS75 has an installed storage capacity of 75 cu ft per chamber. Both meet or exceed ASTM F2418... more

  • The DuraWattle is a reusable and durable flexible sediment barrier used as an alternative to straw wattle or silt fence for perimeter sediment control. It can be driven over in high traffic,... more

  • Designed to treat the entire storm water flow, this nutrient-separating baffle box meets or exceeds NPDES requirements for capturing a variety of pollutants, including TSS, sediment, debris,... more

  • The Geoblock porous pavement system is a series of high-strength, rigid pavers that deliver turf protection and load... more

  • Contech has been providing rehabilitation and relining solutions using steel and aluminum tunnel liner plate; steel and aluminum structural plate; steel-reinforced polyethylene pipe; PVC liner... more

  • Flygt Slimline propeller pumps are designed to transport large volumes of water at low heads. The Slimline profile combined with N-technology offers small pump station size as well as sustained... more

  • The patented Floor Washer System is similar to Vaughan’s Foambuster nozzle/deflector, but with the deflector moved from below the nozzle to above it. The inverted splashplate spreads nozzle flow... more

Florida’s largest wholesale water supplier built a regional reservoir to store surface water that would bridge the gap between rainy seasons and ensure a continuous source... more
Burlington, Vt., is a city where you can find dessert, manners and education: It is the home of Ben & Jerry’s, the Emily Post Institute and three colleges: the University... more
The United Irrigation District (UID) in southern Alberta, Canada, serves 34,400 acres of rural land with a series of canals, channels and pipelines running 236 km throughout... more
It is hard to imagine waves lapping at your home’s door, but that is exactly what faced a Nova Scotia family in 2012. The Fishers had built their dream home on lakefront... more
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST Participants will earn One Professional Development Hour (PDH). Webinar Overview: This webinar will... more
View the following webinars by registering at http://www.estormwater.com/virtualexpo2015 Enter the auditorium area to view the archived webinars... more
It's not too late to register for today's SWS webinar, "Using Technology to Manage Storm Water," which kicks... more
This week, SWS will be attending the 2015 Ohio Stormwater Conference, an annual conference dedicated to... more
Since 2010, Circle of Blue has tracked water prices for 20 of the largest U.S. cities and for 10 regionally... more
Most professionals working in storm water management likely are aware that for the last several years, the U.... more
At a recent hearing on a proposed county-wide storm water pollution control funding measure, I witnessed a... more
Contractors and department of transportation agencies often are challenged to achieve maximum results within... more


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