Jan 14, 2011

ADS Acquires Frederick Precast Concrete Inc.

New addition increases ADS’ product offerings

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. (ADS) expanded its product line by acquiring the assets of another manufacturer of concrete drainage structures, Frederick Precast Concrete Inc. of Greencastle, Pa. Known for its both its custom and stock structures, Frederick Precast is being added to ADS' other recent acquisitions, which enable the company to provide a complete line of sanitary, storm and water structures to the mid-Atlantic United States. ADS purchased the Foltz Concrete Pipe Co. of Winston-Salem, N.C., in April, and Piedmont Concrete of Pineville, N.C., in May.
"We have been very aggressive in our program to add products and services to further expand our supply line to our customers," said Joseph Chlapaty, chairman and CEO of ADS. "But we are adding only quality, well-respected and proven companies that also reflect the ADS charter of 'customer first.’ This has been the backbone of ADS for nearly 45 years, a posture we will continue to strengthen and fortify with companies such as Frederick."
Frederick Precast designs and produces box culverts, riser structures and precast drop manholes for storm drain and sanitary sewer lines, plus precast end walls.