Oct 05, 2009

ADS Adds Flowtech Septic and Drainage Systems

Move adds to company's onsite product offerings

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. (ADS) announced that it has reached an agreement to exclusively market and distribute the Flowtech septic system, a subsurface septic drain field system that replaces the need for a barrier cover such as gravel.It is being added to ADS’ line of widely used onsite products, including the Arc Chamber Series, SB-2, Multi-Pipe, GEO-flow, ADS-3000 Triple Wall, Smoothwall and corrugated pipe. Flowtech is a division of ICC Technologies LLC.A high-capacity, high-flow product, the Flowtech septic system is designed to replace more than 1,200 lb of gravel that would otherwise be required and prevents sand or fine soils from entering a drain field system. The Flowtech septic system meets the H10-load, soil-load and hydraulic conductivity tests."ADS has built an extensive offering of onsite products. With the addition of Flowtech, ADS is bringing another fine product to our customers,” said Jim Clemans, director of allied products for ADS. “This is an excellent septic system that is practical to manage and put in place while providing maximum protection and efficiencies. Now, it can be found throughout North America at any ADS site.”For more information, visit www.ads-pipe.com.