Advanced Drainage Systems Announces New Geogrid Projects

For use in light to heavy duty wall, slope reinforcement projects

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc., a producer of corrugated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, announced the addition of 11 Geogrid reinforcement products; six Biaxial and five Uniaxial, each available in different strengths and load bearing properties.

Designed for soil stabilization, base reinforcement and subgrade improvement used in road reinforcement, parking lots and even airport runways where stresses are in two directions, the ADS BX Series Biaxial Geogrids are produced from polypropylene using punched and drawn technology and available in six versions.

The ADS UX Series Uniaxial Geogrids are manufactured using select grades of HDPE resins that are highly oriented and resist elongation (creep) when subjected to high tensile loads for long periods of time. ADS UX Geogrids are used for high-strength reinforcement in wall and slope applications.

"The engineered grid pattern of these new ADS geogrid products is the key to their load-bearing strength and support," said Jim Clemans, vice president of Allied Products, ADS. "Interlocking this pattern with fill, whether it is soil, gravel or rock, produces a superior load transfer which provides security for a project.”


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