Dec 13, 2021

Advanced Drainage Systems Announces New Universal Inline Drain

Advanced Drainage Systems Announces New Universal Inline Drain

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., a leading provider of water management solutions, today released the Nyloplast 12-inch universal inline drain solution designed for contractors seeking a durable and water-tight pipe fitting for stormwater inlets. Common applications include commercial settings, academic institutions, sports and turf fields, big box retail and grocery, multi-family and mixed-use development projects, warehouses, and large manufacturing plants.

The product, which connects to round, dome and square grates of various designs, comes standard with a six-inch hole designed to match the grate inlet capacity and allowing the end user to install without any additional effort. The universal inline can be adjusted on site and connects with all commonly used types of plastic pipes up to 12-inch diameter. Brian King, executive vice president of product management, marketing and sustainability, Advanced Drainage Systems, noted that the drain fitting shouldn’t be complicated to install and maintain.

“It became quickly apparent in our discussions with contractors and engineers that a gap existed for a universal inline drain product that was readily available, easy to install and reliable beyond a handful of years,” said King. “We are pleased to meet the market need with a Nyloplast solution delivering an easy, clean and speedy installation experience that can accelerate a project timeline and preclude additional cost associated with delays and repairs.”

The lightweight product uses high-quality injection molded consistency to enhance performance and lifecycle compared to alternatives. It has 100-year service life, maintains an H20 load rating, provides a water-tight connection, and features a sloped bottom to promote positive drainage flow.  Installation does not require use of grout and long curing times.  An oscillating saw is recommended for coring of the 6-inch hole to either eight or 10 inches when connecting to larger inlet grates. This product is easy to stock because of its versatility and they are readily available for purchase at local distributors throughout the United States.

King added, “This inline drain provides distributors with a universal solution that brings their customers project flexibility and reliable performance for stormwater management. The product’s versatility reduces SKUs while advancing distributors’ value to contractors seeking a quality and quick, hassle-free inlet connection for same day pick up.”