Oct 30, 2017

Tyson Facility Raises Water Concerns

Company seeks to open processing plant in Kansas, faces backlash

Kansas residents oppose Tyson facility

Tyson Foods announced it is considering a location in Kansas for a new $320 million poultry processing complex. The facility is raising concerns with Kansas residents about wastewater treatment and groundwater contamination.

The company is considering Sedgwick county and two other locations for the site. Many communities have expressed interested in the project, as it could bring jobs to the area, but it is facing backlash from other communities. The city of Tonganoxie, Kas., already opposed the project.

Because of its capacity, the facility would require a new or upgraded wastewater treatment system. And solid waste used as agricultural fertilizer would create odors in the area, as well as cause runoff into rivers and groundwater. Runoff could contaminate local drinking water, which is a major concern for many residents, as rural areas tend to have a majority of private water wells. Tyson already has faced backlash from environmental campaigners.