Jun 13, 2005

Approximately 20 Stormwater Projects Expected for Carthage, Mo.

The completion of a stormwater project later this summer will improve Carthage’s, Mo., stormwater infrastructure needs, according to The Carthage Press .
Jason Eckhart, city engineer, said the city would propose a River to Pearl Street stormwater project this summer. He said Sprenkle and Associates is currently working on the closing stages of the plans and making arrangements for easements with property owners.
The company is also identifying the city’s other main stormwater concerns and compiling a priority list of approximately 15-20 projects.
The River to Pearl Street project, according to Chad Wampler, director of the Public Works Department, is the city’s number one priority to be completed. The project expects to eliminate pooling water near the Fairview Elementary School and at local residences, and fix the area’s stormwater ditch that is eroding and seriously in need of repair.
“That’s why this area is high on this list. A lot of the runoff was coming from southern developments. It will continue to be addressed every time something goes in,” Wampler said in a Carthage Press article.
A stormwater ditch by Centennial Avenue and near the Western edge of the Carthage Junior High School is also troubled by the stormwater overflow from the south. Wampler expects that to be the city’s next stormwater project.