Apr 15, 2013

Archived Webinar: Green Infrastructure Solutions for Wet Weather

Description: The use of green infrastructure promotes sustainability and has a variety of benefits. The session will show examples of storm water BMPs used in locations such as Omaha, Kansas City, Grand Rapids, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles, as well as present some special tools and technologies that have been developed, such as the GIS-based green infrastructure locator that has worked quite well in these diverse locations. In most cases, green infrastructure is most effective when balanced with the appropriate traditional, or grey, infrastructure, and how to do this will be discussed. Also discussed will be how green infrastructure helps meet regulatory requirements and fits within financial constraints. The 45-minute content will be divided into three roughly equal sections covering (1) national green infrastructure practices, (2) case studies on the use of green infrastructure to address wet weather issues, and (3) a comparison to international green infrastructure. Click here to view the webinar.

Dr. Les Lampe has extensive experience in the field of water resources, specializing in all aspects of integrated planning and design for urban wet weather. He is a Vice President of B&V Water and a global water resources practice and technology leader. He has been responsible for the technical aspects of numerous municipal and regional wet weather plans, river basin studies, and designs of wet weather management facilities. These facilities have won several national awards for innovation in design. He has also served as Principal Investigator on several research projects advancing the state of the practice for green infrastructure. Dr. Lampe has authored and presented over more than 100 technical papers at national and international venues and has chaired many technical and professional committees.
Jeff Henson
Jeff Henson is director of water resources and associate vice president for Black & Veatch, He specializes in all aspects of storm water study and design. He, alone with his team, was the developer of Black & Veatch’s Green Infrastructure Locator tool. Jeff is involved in nearly all of Black & Veatch’s green infrastructure projects and is leading the efforts for an integrated wet weather plan for Kansas City, Mo.
Jim Schlaman
Jim Schlaman is an Engineering Manager with a specific concentration in combined sewer overflow (CSO), sanitary sewer overflow (SSO), storm water, wet weather and water resources work. His experience over 11 years at Black & Veatch includes integrated storm water and CSO planning, wet weather facility planning, computer modeling, and green infrastructure. For the past 7 years, he has been focused primarily on the technical and public involvement aspects of Black Veatch’s support of the Kansas City, Mo. Omaha, Neb.; Springfield, Mo.; and St. Joseph, Mo., CSO/SSO Long Term Control Plan development and implementation.