Dec 08, 2015

ASCE Releases Permeable Pavement Systems Handbook

The book provides guidance for the design, construction and maintenance of permeable pavement systems that provide transportation surfaces and manage storm water and urban runoff

permeable pavement American Society of Civil Engineers runoff

Permeable Pavements, a new book from the American Society of Civil Engineers, is a comprehensive handbook for the proper design, construction and maintenance of permeable pavement systems.

A cornerstone of low-impact development and sustainable design, permeable pavements enable reduced storm water runoff, increased groundwater recharge and improved water quality. This book is a reference for urban planners, landscape architects, municipalities, transportation agencies, regulatory agencies, and property owners planning to implement this best management practice for storm water control and improved site design.

The book synthesizes today's knowledge of the technology, drawing from academia, industry, and the engineering and science communities. It presents an overview of typical permeable pavement systems and reviews the design considerations.

Detailed design, construction, use and performance information is provided for porous asphalt, pervious concrete, permeable interlocking concrete pavement and grid pavements. Fact sheets and checklists help to successfully incorporate permeable pavement systems into design projects. Additional chapters summarize emerging technologies, maintenance considerations, hydrologic design approaches, key components for specification writing, and key areas for additional research.