Feb 05, 2013

ASTM International Announces Sustainability Standards and Methods Workshop

Workshop will encompass sustainability standards relative to construction and other industries

ASTM International Sustainability Standards and Methods Workshop

A workshop on Sustainability Standards and Methods: "A State of the Union," will be held Oct. 21, 2013, at the Hyatt Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Fla. Sponsored by ASTM International E60 on Sustainability, the symposium will be held in conjunction with the October standards development meetings of the committees.

The number of standardization documents pertaining to sustainability has grown significantly over the past several years. Not only has ASTM, through E60 as well as other committees, created such documents, but many other standards and government organizations have been involved in this process. In this flurry of activity, many topics may have been addressed more than once, and some areas have been left aside. Through an overview of activity going on with organizations aside from and including ASTM, areas of excessive overlap as well as areas of need will become apparent, stimulating conversation and thought on possible new standards work. This will also serve as a means for those interested in sustainability related standards to become familiar with what is available, pertinence, etc.

This full-day workshop will encompass two major components—sustainability standards relative to construction and buildings/building products; and sustainability standards relative to other industries, products, etc. It will include a review of pertinent standards and similar works by other bodies, followed by discussions on how organizations can work together in this growing field, ASTM's role, idea generation on new standards, etc.

Individuals who would benefit from attendance at the workshop include anyone with interest in sustainability standards, guides, practices and codes; sustainability and product stewardship professionals; marketing professionals; and regulators and government agents.

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