AWWA Celebrates Drinking Water Week

Water community urges consumers to get to know their water

AWWA Drinking Water Week 2014 Get to Known Your Water

The American Water Works Assn. (AWWA) and the water community officially kicked off Drinking Water Week 2014 across North America by asking the question, “What do you know about H2O?”

Throughout the week, AWWA and partners throughout the water community will celebrate the value of water by learning about the critical role it plays in daily living and quality of life. Aligning with this year’s theme, special attention will be given to the ways in which all water consumers can "get to know their H2O."

“Drinking Water Week is a great opportunity to take time to realize how integral safe drinking water is to our everyday lives,” said AWWA CEO David LaFrance. “Now is the time to understand the roles we play in caring for our precious water supplies and systems to guarantee we have safe drinking water for generations to come.”

To commemorate the occasion, water utilities, environmental advocates and other interested parties will celebrate drinking water through school events, public presentations and community festivals. They also will provide their communities with vital information on how water consumers can learn more about their water.

American Water Works Assn.

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