Apr 13, 2022

Baldwin County, Alabama, Seeks Storm Water & Sewer Improvement Grants

Alabama's coast is experiencing flooding

storm water

Baldwin County, Alabama, is seeking grant funding to help pay for storm water runoff and sewer system improvements.

According to NBC 15 News, Baldwin County's growth necessitates infrastructure improvements. The county and its municipalities are aiming to obtain $225 million in federal COVID-19 relief money available for water projects on a state level.

Alabama's coast is experiencing flooding and according to Joey Nunnally, Baldwin County Engineer, county leaders are seeking solutions to facilitate change for the growing county.

"It wasn't just one rain event last year; it was a whole summer of rain. It shows the weak chain links. It shows the weak link in the chain," said Nunnally, reported NBC 15 News.

Nunnally adds that the county has already spent millions on storm water runoff and drainage projects. Additionally, the county has applied for nearly $14 million more in grants through a water and sewer improvement program. These programs were approved by Governor Kay Ivey using American Rescue Act funds.

"The way we selected the projects was the issues we've been having. We've got washes on the Mobile Bay side. We've got standing water in Fort Morgan. We've got water standing in Lillian. So, it's all over the county," Nunnally added, reported NBC 15 News.

Municipalities will also be included. Daphne Utilities, which is separate from the city, is seeking $23 million in sewer system improvements.

Mayor Robin LeJeune sits on the Daphne Utilities Board.

"There are things we want to do,” said Mayor Robin LeJeune, who sits on the Daphne Utilities Board, reported NBC 15 News. “There are generators for some of our bypass pumps and lift stations. When we have a hurricane and the power goes out, one of the reasons you have sewer overflows into the bay is because lift stations don't continue to pump."

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