May 27, 2005

BaySaver Technologies Contracts Trinity Polymers for their Recycling Needs

BaySaver Technologies manufacturers the BaySaver Separation System entirely out of virgin grade high density polyethylene (HDPE). Over the years production has been optimized through the use of lean manufacturing techniques and at present 10 cubic yards of plastic byproduct is produced on a monthly basis.BaySaver is pleased to announce that it has contracted Trinity Polymers, one of Maryland’s leading plastic and non-ferrous metal recyclers, to provide 100% recycling of all HDPE byproduct.
"Partnering with Trinity Polymers will allow us to run a "Zero Waste" facility. We are very proud of our approach to sustainability in that it is not just focused on stormwater but is holistic and a corporate philosophy."
The BaySaver Stormwater Treatment System meets all federally mandated regulations set by Phase I and II of the Clean Water Act Stormwater Program, where municipalities are required to remove pollutants such as trash, oils and sediments in addition to providing the best value per treated CFS in the industry.