Jul 17, 2020

Business News: 7/17/20

The latest in storm water and erosion control news

Storm water industry news from Jensen Precast, Brown and Caldwell and Aquatics Informatics.
Storm water industry news from Jensen Precast, Brown and Caldwell and Aquatics Informatics.

Jensen Precast Releases Stormvault Biofiltration System

Jensen Precast recently announced its new StormVault Biofiltration System with engineered Sierra Blend bio soil media. The product has been tested and verified by the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology as a storm water manufactured treatment device for green infrastructure, according to a press release from the company. The verification was certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 

 “At 191 inches per hour per square foot, our Sierra Blend bio soil media offers the highest infiltration rate currently available,” said Walter Stein, PE, Jensen Precast Stormwater Systems manager in the press release. “For engineers, contractors, and developers seeking a higher infiltration rate, smaller footprint, and low impact development best management practice, our new biofiltration system is the best for sustainable green infrastructure management.”

The system is a nonmechanical, self-operating unit that will function anytime there is flow within the drainage system, according to the press release


Brown and Caldwell Welcomes New Senior Process Engineer

Environmental engineering firm Brown and Caldwell welcomed Dr. Randall Watts as industrial water senior process engineer. Watts has a background in specialized water and wastewater in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, according to a press release from the company.

At Brown and Caldwell, Watts will be responsible for developing and implementing solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry’s water and wastewater challenges. The press release said he will lead process engineering and design on projects implementing water use reduction, water and wastewater treatment and reuse and more. 


Aquatic Informatics Inc. Acquired by Danaher’s Water Quality Platform

XPV Water Partners, Danaher’s Water Quality platform, has acquired Aquatic Informatics, which provides software solutions addressing critical water data management, analytics and compliance challenges throughout the water industry. 

“I am thrilled to welcome Ed Quilty and the Aquatic Informatics team,” said Kevin Klau, Danaher Vice President and Group Executive, Water Quality platform in a press release. “Aquatic Informatics has developed industry-leading capabilities managing large data sets and helping customers improve decision-making to enable better outcomes. With our deep applications expertise, we can combine hardware, software, and services together to help environmental, municipal, and industrial customers save money, improve asset performance and reduce risk. Uniting Aquatic Informatics together with Hach’s Claros offering will accelerate our ability to solve the most critical problems for customers across the water cycle.”