Jul 09, 2019

The Biofiltration System that Saves Audie Murphy Ranch

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Audie Murphy Ranch is a newly developed 450-acre community in Menifee, Calif., named after one of the most decorated American combat soldiers of World War II.

Before Bio Clean’s consultation, project engineers planned for two massive bioretention systems to address the site’s drainage and storm water treatment requirements. These initial BMPs (Best Management Practices) were not ideal and presented significant construction challenges.

The Situation

Each planned BMP formed two river beds or “paseos,” intended to collect storm water runoff from the development’s 195 acres of impervious surfaces. The developer nor the contractor realized that the two paseos would not only consume 50 acres of the 450-acre property, but after breaking ground on the trenches and river rock processing, contractors projected months of delays at an increasing 7-figure construction cost.

The Challenge

The Bio Clean engineering team and veteran storm water designers were asked to evaluate the project’s existing storm water management plan and provide insight. Immediately, they recognized a vastly more efficient solution, promptly providing a sketch and quote that would end up saving the developer millions, preventing further development delays. This solution was the Modular Wetlands System Linear (MWS Linear). The MWS Linear’s collection of advantages showcased substantial benefits. Overnight, the contractor suspended the construction on the first of the two river beds, whose build was already underway, demanding so much rock fill a processing plant was established on-site just to produce millions of pounds of rock needed for construction.

Modular Wetlands System Linear
Modular Wetlands System Linear

The Solution

As opposed to acres of custom land movement, construction time, and millions of dollars spent in labor and resources, the developers had a seemingly over-the-counter, cost-effective solution. What was prescribed is the storm water industry’s flagship solution, as the MWS Linear is often considered the standard for storm water compliance. Just 18 weeks after the project’s first review and consultation, seven MWS Linears were delivered to the Audie Murphy Ranch development, marking an astounding 75% cost savings for the customer, but also unlocking the developer’s ability to finalize real estate occupancy permits months sooner than originally projected, and clearing them to close on new home sales.

The MWS Linear is a precast horizontal flow biofiltration system, and for years this flagship Bio Clean solution has been giving engineers and contractors the ability to save millions of dollars in valuable land while fulfilling the contractor’s demands for rapid fulfillment and installation. The Modular Wetlands System Linear also has long-term cost benefits, as it is much easier and cost-effective to maintain over time compared to non-proprietary BMPs.

Not only is the MWS Linear a developer’s best friend – saving millions in land and construction costs – it is a storm water treatment system that protects watersheds and impaired water bodies across the country. Its high-performance media and patented horizontal flow show equivalent with pollutant removal to standard biofiltration. The system has also been issued Full Trash Capture Certification from the California State Water Resources Control Board and it is approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology TAPE program for General Use Level Designation.

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