May 04, 2017

Drainage System Installed at German Auto Racetrack

Narrow curves present installation challenge

drainage system at race track
drainage system at race track
drainage system at race track

Playing host to race cars that average 137 km/hour, the Blister Berg Drive Resort and Club in Bad Driburg, Germany, required a reliable drainage system around its tracks. A properly drained, dry road surface is crucial to ensuring optimal driver safety and automobile performance. The Blister Berg facility is used for recreational driving and racing by club members, as well as for research and development by the automotive industry, so creating a dry track free of ponding was a high priority.

The narrow curves of the track presented an installation challenge. Using a carefully planned layout and frequent mitre cuts in the channels, Sigma Hydrotec was able to address this issue safely and effectively while providing a solution that kept costs within the project’s budget parameters.

Formula 1 architect Hermann Tilke led the planning and construction of the facility, and he chose Sigma Hydrotec Maxi F1 channels and manhole covers to meet the complex needs of the project. 

The Maxi F1 was suitable for this application due to its modular design system, durable fiber-reinforced concrete, integrally cast ductile iron frames and ductile iron grates. Maxi F1 meets a load class F rating and excels in projects requiring maximum resistance in dynamic load-bearing applications.

“Maxi Drain is the most versatile liner drain on the market,” said Sigma Trench Drain Product Manager Todd Amerson. “From the load class ratings to the ease of access through the patented locking mechanism, Maxi Drain is the industry standard-bearer.”

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