Nov 13, 2020

NYC Solves Localized Flooding Issues with Stormcrete® Precast Porous Concrete

NYC chose Stormcrete® Precast Porous Concrete as a cost-effective solution to eliminate localized ponding issues.

Localized Flooding in South East Queens.
Localized Flooding in South East Queens.

The mission of the Bureau of Water & Sewer Operations (BWSO) at New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) is to provide NYC with reliable, environmentally sustainable and cost-effective distribution of high-quality drinking water, collection of wastewater, and management of stormwater while assuring the integrity and adequate capacity of water and sewer infrastructure now and for the future.

Over the decades, much of the existing stormwater infrastructure is either no longer adequately sized to handle current runoff or is in some form of disrepair.  In many cases, no stormwater infrastructure was ever installed.  This has resulted in localized street flooding issues (i.e. puddle), especially in South East Queens. 

BWSO has initiated a comprehensive program to improve drainage conditions in Southeast Queens by investing $1.7 billion over the next ten years.  The program will target chronic roadway flooding in large areas of low-lying, flat terrain with streets that have poor drainage design.

In many neighborhoods, the cost of conventional pipe and catch basins is prohibitively high due to a spider web of existing underground utilities installed over the years.  With options limited, BWSO needed to come up with an innovative, cost effective solution to address the localized flooding issues that works in low-lying, flat terrain. 

BWSO relied on experience gained from multiple in-house porous pavement pilot studies associated with NYC’s ongoing Green Infrastructure Program, and selected Precast Porous Concrete to be placed in the ROW along the gutter line.

Ponding eliminated with Stormcrete gutter.
Ponding eliminated with Stormcrete gutter.

BWSO selected a modular, precast porous concrete system (i.e. Stormcrete® Precast Porous Concrete) for the obvious quality control benefits and the ability to easily remove and replace panels if needed.  Since the slabs are manufactured and pre-cured in a controlled environment, their strength and flow characteristics are reproducible. 

Stormcrete™ can be placed in almost any kind of weather and be driven/parked/walked on immediately.  Allowing the street to reopen in days rather than weeks.  With permanent lifting points in the surface, they are removable and can be easily lifted and reset, providing direct access to the sub-base material for utility repairs or spill clean-ups--providing an extra factor of safety.


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