May 18, 2015

Reservoir Relief

Valve provides safety relief for 15.5-billion-gal water supply

Florida’s largest wholesale water supplier built a regional reservoir to store surface water that would bridge the gap between rainy seasons and ensure a continuous source for drinking water for 2.4 million people. Part of the design was a 30-ft-by-30-ft-by-80-ft-tall reinforced concrete tower to fill and drain the reservoir. The company needed a reliable valve to act as a safety relief valve if the reservoir was filled with all tower slide gate valves closed.

After assessment of the hydrologic and hydraulic impact, the Waterflex check valve—manufactured by Tideflex Technologies, a division of Red Valve Company Inc.—was presented as the optimal choice to fulfill the project requirements. An 84-in. stainless steel Waterflex check valve and factory-furnished, epoxy-coated carbon steel mounting plate was installed at the lower elevation of the concrete tower as the safety relief.

In 2014, the entire reservoir was renovated. The scope of work included removing the 6,000-lb WF-3 Waterflex check valve and inspecting and furbishing the carbon steel mounting thimble. The 84-in. Waterflex was then mounted back onto the tower. The WF-3 Waterflex has been in service since 2001, providing safety and relief to the largest wholesale water supplier in Florida.

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