Sep 19, 2019

Sewer Cleaner Offers Cost Savings & Water Conservation

bucher sewer cleaner
Bucher Municipal's RECycler unit.

The responsibility to care for the environment and about water conservation falls to governments, companies, customers and consumers. In short, everyone is responsible. To this end, Wessuc Inc., a Canadian company specializing in and possessing experience in clean-out inspection services and organic waste management, tested two Bucher RECycler units. The units tested an average of 11 hours per day, operating for 100 days, June 18 to Nov. 14, 2018. The RECycler trucks ran an average of 95 gal per minute. Two trucks pumped 190 gal per minute.

The production numbers translated to savings. The city of Winnipeg, MB, Canada, saved $211,134 in water and disposal costs. Wessuc recycled 45,700 m3 of water that already was in the city’s system and headed for a wastewater treatment plant. Additionally, only 1,800 m3 of water was added to Winnipeg’s wastewater system. 

The University of Akron, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation, published a report endorsing Wessuc's testing results accomplishments. Recycling and reutilization are vital methods, although seemingly small initiatives, to converse water and contribute significantly to a sustainable environment. The report concluded the RECycler unit boosted production rates by 55%.

These tests support Bucher Municipal’s commitment to providing environmentally compatible, high efficiency, uncompromising, and annual operational savings of nearly $85,000.

The RECycler units automatically and continuously separate water from sludge. The cleaned water then is reused to clean the sewers on an average recycling rate of 96% of water used. 

Sewer cleaning units from Bucher Municipal play a central role in securing a sustainable environment and a profitable business for the customers. Today, Bucher Municipal offers a range of sewer cleaning equipment for municipal, contracting, and construction applications, using only high-quality components and advanced technology.

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