Sep 08, 2016

Storm Sewer Rehab: Swift Sealing in the Sunshine State

Mortar repairs large-diameter storm water RCP in Orlando, Fla.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is the owner of a storm sewer system that runs approximately 1,600 linear ft near the intersection of Florida State Highway 50 and Country Lane in Orlando, Fla. The first 1,200 linear ft of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) had an inner diameter of 60 in., while the remaining 400 linear ft had an inner diameter of 66 in.

The storm sewer ended in a lake situated within the grounds of The Country Club of Orlando. As part of the project, the general contractor needed to build a new headwall at the lake outlet.


The project started in late February 2014. While the general contractor installed a new headwall at the outlet of the lake, the pipe rehabilitation crew began work on the full length of the RCP. Each section was set up to bypass over a distance of two or three manholes to create a safe working environment for the installation crew.

Once safe, the pipe was pressure-washed, cleaned and inspected. The pipe joints were then hand-repaired with GeoSpray mortar, as required by the engineering design. In addition to hand-repair of the joints, the crew worked to stop active water infiltration that was present throughout the length of the pipe.

After each section was prepared and the joints were sealed, two passes of GeoSpray lining were applied using the centrifugal spray casting method to create the desired thickness of 1.5 in. One key benefit of the application method is that all materials and equipment can easily fit through a standard 24-in. manhole, allowing the rehabilitation to be completed without excavation or an access hole being dug on site.

Finally, the GeoSpray liner cured quickly so that bypass of the pipe could be removed in less than three hours. Because of the high frequency of storms in Central Florida during spring afternoons, the rapid curing time of GeoSpray mortar allowed the contractor to take advantage of small construction time windows between rain events.



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