May 01, 2018

Storm Water Management System Makes Brewery Expansion Possible

Products provide expansive storage & load-bearing capacity

Products provide expansive storage & load-bearing capacity

Recently, the Leinenkugel plant in Milwaukee decided to take on a $50-million expansion project for the 10th Street Brewery. The goal of the expansion was to enlarge both the brew house and the tank cellar, with the expectation of growing operations tenfold and increasing the number of local jobs.

From the beginning, Leinenkugel knew which engineering firm to turn to: Systems Design Eng. Inc. (SDEI). Having designed expansions for other breweries and been recognized by the MillerCoors company as a valued partner, SDEI was a clear choice for this project.

Similarly, SDEI knew the site plan would require significant storm water storage and reached out to a trusted partner: Brentwood’s StormTank team. Having worked together on previous projects, SDEI knew it could count on Brentwood for assistance with developing a storm water management system that would both fit within site constraints and meet the necessary storage requirements. The two companies collaborated to draft initial system design options for conceptual planning and quotations.

In addition, the StormTank team assisted the designer in locating an impermeable liner that would provide maximum storage capacity, while also supporting questions on how to illustrate and propose the liner on the land development plans. Brentwood’s responsiveness allowed SDEI to develop a site plan that would go from concept to full installation in less than one year.

Through StormTank’s national network of manufacturer’s representatives and distributors, a local contact was provided for contractors bidding the project. American Infrastructure Inc. sold the material and assisted with the StormTank Module system’s installation by providing onsite support during the construction phase. Brentwood’s in-house technical team also worked with the distributor and the engineer to evaluate potential construction loads and ensure they did not exceed system capacity.

Successfully installed in August 2017, the StormTank Module system offered a large amount of void space and load-bearing capacity to support the Leinenkugel expansion and keep the project on track. These features ultimately enabled the brewer to expand operations and meet growing demands.



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