Jan 22, 2020

Stormwater Management System for the Glenview Ice Center

stormtrap glenview ice rink

The Glenview Park District in Illinois is renovating its Community Ice Center to provide the public with an upgraded facility that will include two full-sized rinks, a half-sized rink, a “dry land” training area, a full-service restaurant, and other amenities.

Due to the increase of the building footprint and need for more parking space, the existing above ground dry stormwater detention basin needed to be replaced with an underground system to meet the local stormwater storage requirements for the site.

Early in the design stage of the project, Gewalt Hamilton Associates contacted StormTrap to assist in designing an efficient stormwater management system for the property. The new system had to accommodate three main site constraints: limited underground space available for a stormwater detention system, shallow downstream receiving storm sewer system, and specific vehicle load requirements for above the system.

Two 4’-11’’ SingleTrap basins were designed to fit in the area available, under the parking lot. The detention systems provided 107,680 cf total stormwater storage for the site. After large rain events, stormwater is captured in the system and released at a controlled rate to the local storm sewer.

stormtrap glenview ice rink

The StormTrap system was selected as the best solution for this project over other products, such as plastic/stone void systems, due to StormTrap’s ability to minimize footprint & maximize stormwater storage, reduce excavation, and handle specific vehicle loads. Cast-in-place and steel were not considered because of construction timing, explained Walter E. Graft, PE, Senior Associate at Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.

The project engineer stated that he had a great experience working with StormTrap, “the design team was very responsive to the multiple design layout and parameter changes.”

The site work was completed at the end of 2019, and the project is expected to be complete in Summer/Fall 2020.


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