Apr 04, 2017

A Substitute for Stone

South Carolina pump station opts for storm water management product instead of stone layer

The Rocky Creek Pump Station in Greenville, S.C., is situated at the bottom of a watershed and often battles high-volume runoff from the upslope drainage area. To mitigate the runoff, a grading plan was developed by the project consultant—Roger & Callcott—to divert the drainage around the facility. This plan also incorporated a secondary gravel driveway that would allow access to the facility and an infiltration trench to reduce flooding impacts.

The initial design for the trench incorporated a 6-in. sand filter base with a variable layer of crushed stone and a 6-in. pea gravel top. Runoff from the drive lane was designed to flow across a grassy area to the trench with an emergency overflow berm behind it.

Given the high cost of stone in the Greenville region, the contractor worked with Brentwood to substitute the plan’s stone layer with the StormTank Pack, which had the added benefit of increasing capacity.

Brentwood’s StormTank Pack product is a made of corrugated structural sheet media. It features a void space of 95%, far surpassing the traditional 40% void space of crushed stone. This allowed the length of the system to be reduced from 120 ft to 72 ft. In addition to providing a high void space, the contractor appreciated the fact that the StormTank Pack is shipped to the site preassembled and easily placed in the excavated area without the need for added labor hours.

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The Pack product could be used due to the site’s lack of vehicular loading and provided a cost-effective solution for reducing flooding on the nearby roadway.



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