Nov 06, 2013

Sweet Storage System

A Pennsylvania dessert cafe uses underground storage to harvest runoff

The project consultant included subsurface storage systems to harvest and store
The system's impermeable liner will prevent infiltration and ensure that capture

First settled in 1733, Reading, Pa., is a city rich in culture and tradition. Reading, which was originally designed by Thomas and Richard Penn, has become a home to history. Reading has been involved in the historical evolution of the U.S., from supplying iron to the military during the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War, to playing historic parts in the Civil War and World War II, to being the hub of the famous Reading Railroad (yes, the same Reading Railroad depicted on the board game we all played as kids).

Though times have changed and the factories and railroad that once made this town famous are gone, the industrious tradition remains. A great example is Sweet Street Desserts. Once a company designed solely to bake chocolate chip cookies, Sweet Street Desserts has transformed into an internationally renowned supplier of frozen desserts and pastries. The company’s continuous growth and success has called for expansion, including the addition of Café Sweet Street, a small shop on the northernmost corner of the facility.

In summer 2013, Café Sweet Street required a new expansion—the addition of a terrace for outdoor eating to serve its ever-growing client base. Due to tight site constraints and a large amount of decorative landscaping, the project consultant, Quercus Studio, decided to incorporate a sub-surface storm water storage system into the design to provide the desired rainwater harvesting for the new addition.

Working with Barwis Construction, Brentwood was able to convert the project from the specified product to Brentwood’s StormTank Modules, and provide the end customer with a cost-effective solution to meet their project requirements.

The design included a StormTank system designed around the site constraints of the existing facility, the terrace foundation, the canopy’s foundation and all utilities required to meet the needs of the project. This system also included an impermeable liner to prevent infiltration and to ensure that runoff captured in the StormTank Modules would be available for utilization.

Completed in the fall of 2013, this project enhanced the café and provided a place for people to enjoy the establishment’s famous desserts. The innovative design met the needs of the designer, owner, community and regulatory agencies, while giving this rich community a new treat. 



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