Chesapeake Bay Restoration Effort Needs More Money

The strategy needs funds, policy changes––and a specific strategy

Maryland's bay restoration strategy lacks enough funding, which could hinder the restoration efforts, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation said Tuesday, as reported by the Associated Press on the Wall Street Journal’s website.

Alison Prost, the foundation's Maryland Executive Director, said Maryland is more than halfway to its bay restoration goals, but said lawmakers must provide more money and make policy changes "or we risk further disappointment after decades of unfulfilled promises to restore a national treasure."

Those steps include dedicated funding for upgrading sewage treatment plants and storm water systems. Policies also must be changed to manage pollution from development, Prost said.

The bay foundation said the state budget does not include dedicated funding to improve local storm water systems, or concrete plans to reduce pollution from septic systems.

The EPA meanwhile announced that it was making $4 million in grants available for bay restoration efforts. The grants are for projects such as road maintenance and flood plain management to cut pollution of waterways as well as aid to local governments to design and implementation pollution reduction efforts.

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