Chilean Community Receives Drinking Water Throughout Earthquake, Tsunami

Chanavayita relies on RWL Water’s desalination plant to provide clean drinking water

RWL Water Seawater Desalination Plant Drinking Water Chile Tsunami Earthquake

On April 1, 2014, the town of Chanavayita, a fisherman’s village 50 km from Iquique on the Pacific Chilean coast, suffered a severe 8.2 magnitude earthquake, followed by a tsunami. The population has relied on RWL Water’s seawater desalination plant to provide clean drinking water to the town before, during and after this disaster.

The seawater desalination plant was supplied to Chanavayita in November of 2013, through a Public Works Ministry program for small towns, with a capacity of 1,080 cu meters per day. The plant provides potable water according to global drinking water standards and includes ultrafiltration, three reverse osmosis units and remineralization as post treatment.

The earthquake was approximately 95 km northwest of Iquique, near the Chanavayita fisherman’s village. The earthquake triggered a tsunami on the coast of Iquique, which supplies inlet water to the plant. These natural disasters have caused an even greater water shortage in the area. RWL Water’s seawater desalination plant was the only plant that maintained a steady output of clean, safe drinking water to the area affected by the earthquake.


RWL Water

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