Jun 23, 2015

City of San Diego Selects Kleinfelder for $5 Million Infrastructure Contract

Company to provide integrated engineering solutions for the city’s water, wastewater and recycled water systems

Kleinfelder San Diego water wastewater infrastructure contract engineering

Kleinfelder has been selected for a $5 million contract by the city of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department to provide as-needed engineering consulting services to support existing and future water, wastewater and recycled water facilities. Under the contract, Kleinfelder will provide the city with integrated engineering and design services to assess and optimize operational efficiencies, implement green and sustainable solutions, and reduce operations and maintenance costs while continuing to improve the value for ratepayers. The as-needed, three-year contract will end in 2018.

Under this contract, Kleinfelder will provide as-needed engineering and design services to manage and optimize the performance of the department’s facilities and assets. Other tasks may include water, wastewater and recycled water engineering; civil, electrical and mechanical engineering; cost estimating; instrumentation and controls engineering; construction management; water and wastewater treatment processes; and water and wastewater pilot study design and implementation.

“Kleinfelder is pleased to provide sustainable water, wastewater, and recycled water solutions that will meet the demands of the city,” says Simon Wong, Kleinfelder’s vice president of corporate business development and project manager. “Our team of engineers, architects and scientists will use cutting-edge technology to increase the performance of existing water and wastewater treatment plants, networks and pumping facilities while optimizing energy consumption and minimizing life cycle costs.”