Jan 27, 2017

CleanWay Environmental Partners Stormwater Filtration: Solutions Session

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Jan. 25, 2017

This one-hour webinar will explore the efficient removal of chemicals and heavy metals from wastewater at commercial and industrial sites. CleanWay Environmental Partners explains the features and benefits of its products for the storm water industry. The manufacturer of storm water catch basins, downspouts, and curb inlet filters, CleanWay also produces absorption booms and a proprietary filter medium called MetalZorb, specifically developed to remove and recover industrial heavy metals.

Attendees will learn what distinguishes CleanWay Environmental Partners from the competition and have the opportunity to participate through the Q&A that follows the presentation.

The presenters include: 

  • Bridget Garlinghouse, technical sales engineer, CleanWay Environmental Partners

A recent graduate in environmental engineering from California Polytechnic State University, Bridget Garlinghouse participated in a multiyear graduate research project for the City of San Luis Obispo’s wastewater treatment plant regarding the use of algae in the treatment process and as a biofuel. She also focused on wastewater treatment during internships at the wastewater treatment plants in Silverton, Ore., and Walnut Creek, Calif., and with the County of San Luis Obispo in its NPDES General MS4 Permit compliance effort. 

  • Matt Moulton, general manager, CleanWay Environmental Partners

Since joining the CleanWay in 2005, Matt has designed, tested, patented and brought to market many products ranging from retrofit stormwater filtration devices to complete wastewater treatment systems for the removal of heavy metals. He designed manufacturing methods and machinery for production of the company’s product lines, MetalZorb Metals Removal Media and Storm Clean Stormwater Filtration Products.

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