Nov 27, 2013

Clock Shadow Building Project

The Clock Shadow Building is a 30,000-sq-ft, environmentally progressive commercial development in the historic south side neighborhood of Walkers Point in Milwaukee. The building features sustainable technologies and is made from 60% salvaged materials. In order to showcase to the community how a building can reduce storm water runoff in local sewer systems, contractors installed a green roof. 

The 5,400-sq-ft intensive vegetative roof system consists of a root barrier, MiraDRAIN 6200, two layers of 4-in. polyisocyanurate insulation, MiraDRAIN GR9400, Wausau Tile pavers on pedestals, four raised bed areas for food production and 1,280 sq ft of extensive sedum plantings. The system is installed over a hot-applied waterproofing system utilizing a 15-year total system warranty. Drought-resistant plants collect 60% of the rain, and the rest passes to a cistern under the building and is used to flush toilets. 

As the project schedule developed, it became clear that the waterproofing and green roof assemblies would be independent of each other. The waterproofing was completed in the fall of 2011; the green roof assembly followed in the spring of 2012. Contractors used green roof components to protect the waterproofing and pavers as temporary ballast, thus reducing the amount of crane work required in the spring. Because the roof is structurally sloped, workers had to control elevations with tapered insulation to ensure the pavers would remain level while also aligning with threshold heights at roof access points.  

With a combination of 10 companies ranging from media blenders to perennial nurseries needed to complete the project, it is an illustration of the teamwork approach. 

Project Year:
Contractor: CG Schmidt
Designers: New Eden Landscape Architecture LLC
Owner: Fix Development LLC
Location: Milwaukee
Cost: $216,056
Size: 5,485 sq ft