Dec 03, 2018

Missouri City Considers New Storm Water Plan

If approved, the new plan would provide flexibility in addressing storm water infrastructure needs

New storm water plan proposed in Missouri town
New storm water plan proposed in Missouri town

The Columbia, Mo., city council is considering a 20-year plan that would dictate how the city manages storm water and wastewater. If approved, the plan would give the city flexibility in addressing mandates from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in 2011.

The Wastewater and Storm Water Integrated Management Plan would enable the city to prioritize certain improvements in the storm water and wastewater management system, instead of allowing the state to control the timeline of required projects, as reported by The Columbia Tribune. In addition, the new city plan would allow the city to consider public opinion when prioritizing projects, as well as the demands of the state and federal government.

“I believe that this plan is a huge benefit to our community because … it addresses the different needs, but it allows us to do so in a flexible, a little more affordable and adaptable manner,” said Erin Keys, city engineering and operation manager.

The proposed plan also includes a strategy to rehabilitate the combined sewer system and limit combined sewer overflows within the next five years. It predicts that the city will need to spend between $996 million and $1.37 billion over the 20-year period of the plan to update the city’s storm water and wastewater infrastructure.

If the proposed plan passes the city council, it will still need approval from the state before it can be implemented.