Jul 06, 2018

EPA Requires Storm Water Improvements for Cabras Marine Corp.

The settlement requires industrial storm water discharge permits and improved controls for pollutants

Storm water runoff violations for Guam-based industrial facility
Storm water runoff violations for Guam-based industrial facility

The U.S. EPA has reached an agreement with Cabras Marine Corp. to reduce discharges of oil, metals and other contaminants into Apra Harbor, Guam.

In March 2017, EPA conducted an inspection of the Cabras Marine facility and found multiple violations of the Clean Water Act. Those violations included discharge of industrial storm water without a permit, failure to properly maintain containment berms, failure to control sandblast grit and paint particles, improper storage of used oil, and inadequate controls for leaking oil.

Cabras Marine’s operations include boat, chassis and engine repair, fabrication, sandblasting, and material storage and disposal.

Under the administrative order on consent with EPA, Cabras Marine will:

  • Obtain required authorization for industrial storm water discharges;
  • Improve controls for pollutants including sandblast grit, paint particles, paint aerosols and oily waste;
  • Install a media filtration unit to treat industrial storm water prior to discharge into Apra Harbor; and
  • Build a permanent facility for the storage of used oil.