Dec 06, 2019

Industry News Week 12/6/19

industry news 12/6/2019

Vortex Companies Partners with Gemex to Form Vortex Mexico

After months of negotiation, the Vortex Companies officially announced the launch of Vortex Mexico, a joint venture with Gemex and its subsidiary, Umbral, to provide water, sewer and commercial infrastructure repair solutions in key markets and cities in Mexico. 

"It's no secret that Mexico's infrastructure needs attention and collectively I believe we can help bring vital water and sewer services back to life and provide a better quality of life for Mexico's general population," said CEO of the Vortex Companies Mike Vellano in the press release.  "This joint venture marries three companies that have the capability to disrupt traditional methods of delivering repair solutions to the Mexican infrastructure market."

"Our vision is to bring together the right people, resources and technologies, then collaborate with cities and contractors to deliver engineered solutions to address the failing water and sewer infrastructure," said Gemex CEO Alvaro Oliver in the press release. "As a company our interests have always been about environmental responsibility. Water is no longer a commodity, but a critical asset that is vital to the sustainability of modern societies." 

Contech Releases New Design Your Own Hydrodynamic Separator

Contech Engineered Solutions launched a new online tool for designing hydrodynamic separators. The free Design Your Own Hydrodynamic Separator (DYOHDS) tool helps to automate the design process for hydrodynamic separators, providing calculations, drawings and specifications that engineers can use in creating project plans.  

The DYOHDS tool allows users to enter site-specific information used to ensure the recommended HDS system will comply with site constraints and treatment requirements. The tool also offers sizing methodology options based on the location of the project, including sizing based on water quality flow rate or sizing based on net annual removal, according to a press release.

“The ability of the tool to size HDS systems based on different sizing methodologies means this tool can design solutions in compliance with local storm water regulations,” said Elaine Thomas, hydrodynamic separation product manager at Contech. “It can also significantly reduce the amount of time an engineer will need to design an HDS system.”