Dec 22, 2020

Monadnock Construction Plans New HQ in New York Industrial Zone

Monadnock Construction is getting a rezoning of its own, with storm water mitigation in mind.

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The northern half of Gowanus, New York is set to be rezoned for residential development.

Affordable housing contractor Monadnock Construction is getting a rezoning of its own in order to build a new headquarters in the Brooklyn neighborhood’s industrial business zone, reported the Commercial Observer.

The zoning change will preserve the industrial zoning on its waterfront parcel along the Gowanus Canal. 

The project will also involve building a 7,500-square-foot public waterfront esplanade, reported the Commercial Observer. The esplanade will connect to public spaces on other sites along the canal, including the proposed Gowanus Green residential development. 

The role of the esplanade is to absorb water. A storm water treatment unit will filter out solids from runoff before releasing the water back into the canal.

The firm plans to build a 100,000-square-foot industrial, office and retail project at 300 Huntington Street. The six-story building will rise beneath the elevated F and G trains on the Culver Viaduct. 

“It was really hard for us to find a location that worked for us in South Brooklyn, and the fact that we are retaining 250 jobs in South Brooklyn is really important to us,” said Frank Dubinsky, the firm’s COO. “We looked in Sunset Park, Long Island City, the Bronx.”

The Dattner Architects-designed building will have a three-story base, topped by a setback that rises another three stories. The ground floor will include 13,000 square feet of retail divided into three storefronts, reported the Commercial Observer. 

Monadnock will occupy 30,000 square feet and lease the remainder of the building to office or light industrial tenants, said Dubinsky.

Monadnock has operated out of an industrial building a few blocks away at 155 Third Street for 45 years. The company’s 250-person staff has outgrown its current home, however. 

Nick Lembo, Monadnock’s founder, purchased the property for $9.5 million in 2017 from Catherine Quadrozzi, according to public records. 

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