Sep 24, 2018

New Jersey Brewery Plans Storm Water Infiltration Basin

The brewery's storm water plan includes a joint detention basin that will manage runoff on the 7,000 sq. ft property

New Jersey brewery approves storm water detention basin
New Jersey brewery approves storm water detention basin

The Hampton, N.J., Planning Board unanimously approved a revised site plan for a joint storm water infiltration basin at the future site of Angry Erik Brewing. The revised plan is contingent on the establishment and maintenance of a drainage easement area and a revised operation of maintenance plan for the basin, according to the New Jersey Herald.

“I think, when the folks in the office and I reviewed the storm water calculations, this basin worked better than the previous one,” said Board Engineer Dave Simmons. “There’s a lot of good positives to it.”

The original site plan required a deep storm water infiltration basin and retaining walls. However, in the amended plan, engineers will create a wider, shallower detention basin by joining with the preexisting basin nearby on 1 Camre Drive, and consequently, there will be no retaining wall. Erik Hassing, co-owner of Angry Erik Brewing, believes the new plan will require less maintenance, make room on the property and provide cost-savings.

“Given the cost savings that we wouldn’t have to ship off as many tons and truckloads of soil–which, of course, is also a benefit to the environment–it made sense to come back before the board and note this to both the property owners within 200 ft of 1 Camre Drive and 2 Camre Drive,” Hassing said.

Furthermore, the construction will raise the grading of the lot by a foot, which will address flooding concerns. Angry Erik’s new location in Lafayette, N.J., is expected to be 7,000 sq. ft and include a tasting room and an outdoor tasting area.