Feb 04, 2021

Ohio EPA Seeks New Storm Water Plan for Mentor Housing Development

A three-phase housing subdivision received final subdivision plat approval of the first two phases from Ohio’s Mentor City Council. 

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The three-phase, 119-lot Ridgewood Greens housing subdivision received final subdivision plat approval of the first two phases from Ohio’s Mentor City Council. 

Although phase 1 is underway, developer Bedaos LLC now needs an amendment to the development plan for Phase 2 storm water management improvements, reported The News-Herald. Bedaos received approval for Phase 1 from the city, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

The original plan included using existing golf course ponds as part of the overall storm water management system. 

The EPA determined that the ponds are its jurisdiction, not the Army Corps', and issued a violation notice to the developer over using them in future storm water management, according to The News-Herald.

As a result, Bedaos is proposing building another detention basin. This plan will require the relocation of several easements and recreational amenities, however. This update for Phase 2 to the EPA was submitted and received a permit to install, with conditions.

“Other than the relocation of the easements and recreational amenities, the addition of the proposed pond/basin for storm water management will not have any impact on the overall open space dedicated within the development, the roadway layout or the total number of sublots,” said a city staff report to the city Planning Commission, reported The News-Herald.

The new basin will take up approximately one-third of an acre of grass and will require that a section of a proposed walking path be shifted. The revised plan also includes two benches along the walkway and picnic tables relocated to three different locations.

The amendment was reviewed by the commission which will make a recommendation to the city council. The request was tabled by the commission because of concerns about loss of green space.

When the Phase 2 applications were evaluated by the EPA, it was discovered that some sections of the Phase 1 storm water system were not in compliance with the permit, according to Anthony Chenault, an Ohio EPA spokesman, reported The News-Herald.

The Ohio EPA is working with the applicant to ensure Phase 1 and 2 infrastructure and operations will meet requirements as required by the permits, however.

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