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Sep 6 2018
This project's requirements were to meet or exceed the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality storm water permit benchmark for zinc using…
Jul 23 2018
MetalZorb is a high-capacity sponge filtration medium that effectively reduces, removes and recovers dissolved heavy metals—including lead, mercury,…
Mar 29 2018
With nearly 30 years of innovation and experience, CleanWay Environmental Partners patented, adaptive storm water filtration systems allow you to…
Case Studies
Mar 20 2018
The National Shipbuilding Research Program recently conducted a study titled, “Removal of Metals from Shipyard Stormwater Runoff.” Shipyards…
Jan 3 2018
CleanWay recently teamed up with the city of Riverside, Calif., for a catch basin test pilot program to determine which filtration units would work…

CleanWay Environmental Partners Inc.

CleanWay manufactures innovative storm water, wastewater and industrial process water filtration solutions that are easy to install and maintain, durable, and highly effective. Its products include catch basin, curb inlet, wall-mount and downspout filters, along with MetalZorb media that removes zinc, copper, lead and other heavy metals commonly found in water discharge. CleanWay filters remove large trash and debris; sediment and TSS; oil and hydrocarbons; and dissolved heavy metals. With a variety of deployment methods available and CleanWay’s modular product design, it is easy to spec the products into your storm water solution.


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