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Sep 6 2018
With 382 apartments, Mile High Apartments is just minutes from downtown Denver. The project had a number of challenges, including a limited footprint…
Jul 30 2018
I suspect most of us keep lists of the things we would like to see change or be done differently in many aspects of our lives. Our professional lives…
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Jun 7 2018
Mile High Apartments will bring 382 new apartment units to a location in Denver just minutes from the downtown area. The new development is located…
Considering best management practices for storm water management
Considering best management practices for storm water management
May 25 2018
When it comes to storm water best management practices (BMPs), crafting and implementing sound policies to ensure they are properly evaluated,…
Mar 26 2018
The International Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Database project website includes more than 600 BMP performance studies. This is a…

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Contech Engineered Solutions

Regardless of your project’s objectives and constraints, our team of storm water design engineers, regulatory managers and local storm water consultants are here to provide you with expert advice and assistance. If your goal is to eliminate or detain runoff, you can rely on Contech for a wide range of subsurface infiltration, detention and rainwater harvesting solutions. If treatment is needed, our landscape-based biofiltration or subsurface filtration designs can fit into virtually any site and can be tailored to address specific pollutants. Contech also provides pipe retrofit and rehabilitation solutions based on time-proven design methods, and we certainly do not play games with the hydraulics. Knowing pipe assessment, structural design and hydraulic analysis is what we do. The entire Contech team welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your storm water and reline projects. To get started, please visit to find your local Contech representative or call us at 800.338.1122.


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