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Case Studies
Dec 20 2018
Throughout the framework of America’s secondary road system, county highways and recreational trails stand tens of thousands of older timber-frame…
Case Studies
Dec 6 2018
Pacific Corrugated Pipe was given the opportunity to value-engineer and aid in designing one of the largest rainwater storage retention systems ever…
Case Studies
Nov 22 2018
Located on Interstate 20 twenty miles east of Dallas, Talty, Texas, is suitable for those seeking large residential lots within easy commuting…
Case Studies
Apr 5 2017
Zinc is used in a myriad of environmentally exposed products as a coating to prevent metal corrosion. Galvanized coating is used as one of several…
Case Studies
May 24 2016
When development of the East Village retail center began, storm water detention was a major point of debate. This site, just north of Atlanta in…

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National Corrugated Steel Pipe Assn.

Established in 1956, NCSPA seeks to promote sound public policy relating to the use of corrugated steel drainage structures in private and public construction. It collects and distributes technical information; assists public and private agencies in the formulation of specifications and designs; encourages greater knowledge of corrugated steel pipe's benefits and uses among college engineering students; and conducts seminars to increase awareness of the product and its application among specifiers.


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