Openchannelflow provides products and solutions for the measurement, conditioning, and control of storm water and green roof flows, including a full line of flumes, manholes, and weirs.

Openchannelflow Flumes are well suited to measuring storm water flows and include: Parshall, Trapezoidal, H-type, Cutthroat, Montana, and RBC types. A wide variety of accessories are available to help you configure your flume to your specific application. Standard construction is fiberglass, but aluminum, galvanized steel, PVC, Lexan, and stainless steel are also available for unique or demanding applications.

Openchannelflow Composite (FRP) Manholes are available in a wide variety of configurations: storm water screening, flow monitoring (flumes / weirs / magnetic flow meters), open channel grinders, energy absorbing, and flow diversion. Composite manholes are lightweight (~1/10th the weight of concrete), chemically resistant, highly customizable, watertight units requiring a minimum of installation downtime. Dig it! Drop it! Done!

Openchannelflow weir boxes are a good solution for measuring piped (green roof) flows just above or below grade. Sized according to ASTM and ISO standards for sharp-crested / thin-plate weirs, Openchannelflow weir boxes are highly customizable and available in a variety of sizes and materials of construction to meet your flow monitoring needs.


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