Plas-Tech Fabrications

Plas-Tech Fabrications started serving the Ottawa-Gatineau region of Canada in 1997 with full-service custom plastics fabrication and prototyping. Over the years we have assembled the best team of plastics specialists in Ontario-Quebec while adding CNC machining, thermoforming, vacuum forming and plastic welding to our offered services. In recent years we added flexible manufacturing operations and we now have lines of patented products. We are now continuing to scale with front-end consultation on design and materials while extending our services downstream to high volume manufacturing, including assembly and injection moulding.

Plas-Tech serves the following industries in Canada and the USA: Defense, Retail, Research, Facilities Operations, Mining, Construction, Consumer Products, Industrial Equipment Suppliers, Healthcare, Municipal Operations, Transportation, Food and Agriculture, Entertainment, Recreation, Marine and Boating.

Plas-Tech Fabrications also has its own lines of patented products which are independent from our customers. On principle we do not pursue products that have any chance of competing with our valued clients. Our products include:

• StormTech Storm Water Management Products – this patented line includes Inlet Control Devices (ICD) that help municipalities prevent storm water and sewage overflow into homes, streets and rivers (CSO and SSO).
• Pro Shot Ice Simulators – this line of durable UV resistant Hockey practice sheets has been engineered to simulate ice, protect sticks and train players on stick handling and shooting as if at the hockey rink on real ice.
• Coming Soon – Recycling Solutions and Recreational Products.


128 Walgreen Road
Ottawa, ON K0A 1L0