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Case Studies
Nov 27 2018
The $10.3-million (£7.75-million) project from Crediton Industrial Link Road to the A377 in Devon, U.K., comprised a 760-meter single-lane road from…
Sep 6 2018
After Hurricane Sandy swept through the Atlantic coast in 2012, there was significant damage from flooding. A Brooklyn, N.Y., luxury car dealership…
Case Studies
Jun 14 2018
To meet federal requirements for flood mapping of levee-protected areas, a levee reconstruction project for the Indianapolis Southport Advanced…
Case Studies
Apr 19 2018
Hurricane Sandy devastated the Atlantic Coast in 2012, causing significant damage to coastal communities in many Mid-Atlantic states. During the…
Apr 6 2018
Grass and gravel porous paver systems offer strong load distribution, storm water infiltration and storage—for all traffic loading.

Presto Geosystems

Presto Geosystems is an industry leading manufacturer of innovative and eco-friendly products and solutions for storm water and soil stabilization. For more than 30 years, Presto has partnered with engineers, architects, contractors and owners to address storm water and soil stability challenges. Presto’s Geoweb geocell system is an economical soil stabilization solution for permeable roadways, parking areas, slopes, channels and vegetated retaining walls. High-strength, rigid porous pavement systems Geoblock and Geopave address storm water runoff issues and offer protection to turf, as well as stabilization of aggregate for highly permeable, economical pavements. A free project evaluation service and fast specification building tool, SPECMaker, are available.


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