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A residue disposal area failed at a paper mill in Brazil.
A residue disposal area failed at a paper mill in Brazil.
Oct 3 2019
Economic pressures, public desire for aesthetic green solutions and the increasing trend towards climate extremes are all factors in the growing need…
Oct 1 2019
Infiltrate stormwater at its source with grass and gravel porous pavements designed to resist traffic stresses. Minimize runoff and reduce stormwater…
presto permeable pavers
Highly-Permeable GEOPAVE® Gravel Pavers Support Traffic Loading and Facilitate Stormwater Infiltration.
Case Studies
Sep 26 2019
In their pursuit for the highest USGBC LEED® green building rating, the Ridges Sanctuary, Bailey’s Harbor, utilized Presto Geosystems’ GEOPAVE®…
May 20 2019
In 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the Atlantic coast—causing significant damage to coastal communities in many mid-Atlantic states. During the…
Case Studies
Mar 13 2019
Albion Drilling Group Ltd. was employed by project contractor, Safedem, to stabilize and encapsulate an existing steep embankment situated along the…

Presto Geosystems

Presto Geosystems is an industry leading manufacturer of innovative and eco-friendly products and solutions for storm water and soil stabilization. For more than 30 years, Presto has partnered with engineers, architects, contractors and owners to address storm water and soil stability challenges. Presto’s Geoweb geocell system is an economical soil stabilization solution for permeable roadways, parking areas, slopes, channels and vegetated retaining walls. High-strength, rigid porous pavement systems Geoblock and Geopave address storm water runoff issues and offer protection to turf, as well as stabilization of aggregate for highly permeable, economical pavements. A free project evaluation service and fast specification building tool, SPECMaker, are available.


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