Stormwater Buffer Zone

The inspiration for the SiltPrison was born from a small real estate developer’s assertion that he could build an effective alternative to industry standard stormwater quality devices. It has taken our small team ten years of brainstorming, prototype building, and testing to bring this stormwater runoff management solution to market. An evaluation review of the SiltPrison (then named the Stormwater Buffer Zone) can be found on The Massachusetts stormwater technology clearinghouse, MASTEP. It is the goal of SiltPrison to offer viable treatment solutions for engineers, contractors and governmental agencies to meet the challenges of an evolving stormwater runoff needs and policy.

The SiltPrison system is a stormwater runoff treatment unit that combines the treatment mechanisms of both a gravity separator, and staged membrane filter to address fine sediment and particulate-bound phosphorus, metals, and other pollutants. The unit’s patented combination of a gross pollutant strainer and treatment skirt is designed capture gross pollutants and floatables. It is compatible with oil absorbent skimmers, and lets sediment fall to the manhole sump where it can be cleaned using a vacuum truck or clamshell equipment. The patented geometry of the treatment skirt is designed to detain and stabilize the discharge of pulse type rain events and allow extended filtration time after a storm event. This detention feature is intended to both increase residence time for settling and filtration, and protect stored sediment from resuspension during extreme flows to prevent scour. The geometry of the system routes all stormwater, including extreme flows, to discharge through some level of filtration.


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