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Case Studies
Mar 18 2017
McKechnie Field, the spring training facility for the Pittsburgh Pirates located in Bradenton, Fla., underwent a dramatic renovation, reopening in…
Sep 14 2015
Watch this video to learn about the hydraulic principles behind the Thirsty Duck TDP Series floating outlets and skimmers.
Aug 27 2015
In the middle of a local business district in Mill Creek, Wash., sits Pond 6, a regional detention facility that was constructed well before the…
Jun 25 2015
Based on the simple science of buoyancy, Thirsty Duck is groundbreaking flow control technology that produces a nearly constant discharge rate,…
Aug 25 2014
Located in northwest Washington, Snohomish County is home to a number of new residential communities, including Stratford Court and Glennwick Grove,…

Thirsty Duck

Thirsty Duck LP designs, manufactures and markets two lines of self-skimming, patented floating outlets that have the ability to achieve nearly constant discharge regardless of headwater depth. When sized to deliver the maximum allowable outflow rate, detention storage volume can be reduced by up to 50%, depending on site-specific hydrologic characteristics, analysis method and regulatory agency criteria. The excess system volume can be utilized to meet client- or project-specific needs such as providing additional water quality volume in environmentally sensitive areas and providing additional flood attenuation volume in flood prone areas or more buildable land when property size is limited. Thirsty Duck devices can be used in new construction or in retrofit applications.


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