May 18, 2020

Carrying On: Storm Water & Erosion Control

This editorial letter originally appeared in SWS May Sourcebook as "Carrying On"

Katie Johns
Katie Johns, Managing Editor of SWS

On January 21, 2020, the first case of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, was confirmed in the U.S.  At press time, governors across the U.S. had put “stay at home” orders in place meaning the majority of our industry, and most of those across the country, were adjusting to working remotely if possible. Despite this, storm water and erosion control professionals are continuing to push on to not only make sure storm water is managed for municipalities but to ensure that products are being manufactured so projects can carry on.   

At the end of March, SWS sent out a business impact survey to our audience. Preliminary results, as of April 13, showed that the majority of respondents (46.91%) said they anticipate COVID-19 and its resulting economy to have a sizable impact on their businesses. Of those that anticipate minor impact or more, the majority (32.88%) said the impact will affect demand the most. Close behind demand, 31.99% said staffing will be the next most affected area of business. I am eager to see how industry professionals adapt, innovate and evolve given this newfound challenge. 

As we navigate a new norm with the coronavirus, I hope you’ll use this Source Book to stay in touch and continue business. The Source Book is separated into two main sections: product directory and the supplier directory. Many of the companies listed here are still manufacturing products and continuing business to make sure storm water and erosion control management needs are met. Stay well, readers.

About the author

Katie Johns is managing editor of SWS. She can be reached at [email protected].