Mar 11, 2009

CULTEC Offers Its HydroCAD Edition Free of Charge

Custom version allows customers to design and model underground retention/detention systems

CULTEC is offering its customers a free HydroCAD CULTEC edition, available for download at custom edition allows constructing basic watershed models of up to five nodes, including storage, runoff and routing calculations for the company’s Contactor, Recharger, HVLV and Field Drain models.HydroCAD CULTEC is used to generate a complete inflow or runoff hydrograph and route it through the pond, calculating water levels attained throughout a rainfall event and any discharge that may occur through outlet devices or infiltration. It models complex storage arrangements such as combinations of multiple chambers, pipe storage and catch basins. HydroCAD CULTEC also calculates the combined storage for chambers entrenched in a bed of crushed stone at any water surface elevation.“This custom edition makes it easy for CULTEC’s customers to design and model underground retention and detention systems, especially when they need to determine the combined storage for a configuration of chambers, without resorting to any manual calculations,” said Peter Smart, developer at HydroCAD Software Solutions.