Jan 28, 2019

Sewer District Proposes Solutions to Middleburg Heights, Ohio, Flooding

The two proposals aim to improve the town’s storm water infrastructure for a 100-year storm event

Ohio sewer district proposes flood control solutions
Ohio sewer district proposes flood control solutions

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) proposed two potential solutions to alleviate flooding issues along Big Creek Parkway in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. The two solutions aim to improve the area’s storm water infrastructure to better withstand a 100-year storm event.

"For all the problem areas, we tried to come up with a minimum of two alternatives for what it would take to manage the water in Abram Creek, along Big Creek Parkway, in a 100-year storm event," said Meiring Borcherds, NEORSD watershed team leader.

The first solution proposed includes building three dry surface detention basins behind residences to capture peak water flow draining from Pearl Road. Additionally, culvert crossings would be redesigned and the 20-ft-wide creek channel would be expanded to 70 ft, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. This plan would require Big Creek parkway and a bike path to be moved and the total cost would be $21.6 million.

The second proposed solutions would still involve the detention basins and culvert, but would only widen the channel to 45 ft. This plan would not change eastbound traffic and would only cost approximately $14.7 million.

"This would be a city-funded project, along with hopefully getting some additional resources from the county or the service area," said Mayor Matt Castelli. "We are not proposing an assessment on the homeowners here, so I want to make sure that's understood."

In August, city officials will submit a project application to NEORSD. After assessing other projects, NEORSD will announce which projects it will undergo in the 2020 budget cycle in October.