Jan 27, 2014

Direct Potable Reuse: The Equivalency of Advanced Treatment Trains in the Protection of Public Health Part I

In this two-part webcast, Part one will provide an overview of WateReuse Research Foundation (WRRF) project 11-02, beginning with the placement of current direct potable reuse (DPR) efforts in the wider potable reuse world. Examples of the various forms of potable reuse—unintentional or de facto, indirect and direct—will be illustrated with examples from across the world. The webcast will highlight the important challenges facing utilities in the movement toward broader implementation of DPR schemes. One of the most pressing needs is the development of criteria that establish the minimum requirements for public health protection. Such criteria are critical in determining the equivalency of different treatment options. Part one will describe the main public health threats, and conclude with the process used to create the microbial treatment criteria for WRRF 11-02.


  • Dr. Rhodes Trussell, Founder, Trussell Technologies
  • Brian Pecson, Environmental Engineering Consultant, Trussell Technologies
  • Dr. Daniel Gerrity, Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering, UNLV
  • Dr. Fredrick Gerringer, Supervising Engineer, Trussell Technologies
  • Ian Law, IBL Solutions