Jan 27, 2014

Direct Potable Reuse: The Equivalency of Advanced Treatment Trains in the Protection of Public Health Part II

Part two of this series picks up with the remaining criteria, including those for chemical contaminants and aesthetic concerns. The main purpose of defining these criteria is to evaluate alternative DPR treatment trains and to identify which ones provide adequate protection of public health. Part two will describe the alternative treatment trains tested in WRRF-11-02 and present data showing the ability of these alternatives to meet the criteria. The benefits and disadvantages of the various trains—in terms of performance, cost, and other factors—will be highlighted. The webcast concludes with an outlook on DPR and future treatment options.


  • Dr. Rhodes Trussell, Founder, Trussell Technologies
  • Brian Pecson, Environmental Engineering Consultant, Trussell Technologies
  • Dr. Daniel Gerrity, Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering, UNLV
  • Dr. Fredrick Gerringer, Supervising Engineer, Trussell Technologies
  • Ian Law, IBL Solutions