Mary Beth Nevulis is the managing editor of Storm Water Solutions.¬†Nevulis can be reached at [email protected]
Jan 07, 2014

Disaster Preppers

This week, frigid weather and the ominous-sounding polar vortex are hot topics on the news and social media. With much of the Midwest and Plains states suffering subarctic temperatures and the mercury dropping at or below freezing as far down as Florida, staying warm is at the front of everyone's minds.

What many people forget to think about in times like these are the necessities we can't see: the pipe in our houses and below our streets. As the temperatures drop, the likelihood of pipes freezing or bursting rises. 

Many utilities have public outreach programs to educate their customers about how to care for the pipe in their homes during deep freezes, as well as emergency response systems in place for water main breaks.

Does your utility or facility have these kinds of procedures in place? Email SWS at [email protected] and share your disaster preparation system with us.