Nov 29, 2012

Eastern Hills Drainage Improvements

The Eastern Hills neighborhood, located east of downtown Fort Worth, Texas, had long-standing flooding issues. A study revealed the need for extensive storm drain improvements, but the watershed had few open space parcels that could accommodate a regional storm water detention basin. The Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) owned one of the most promising parcels, so the city approached the district about constructing a detention basin on its property.

The project aimed to prevent flooding within the Eastern Hills watershed; utilize storm water detention to minimize costly upsizing of existing infrastructure; provide a dual-use, recreational amenity and detention facility that would benefit the city, FWISD and the local community; provide a safe, aesthetically pleasing facility; obtain public endorsement of the project; and improve water quality.

Engineers created an athletic field—which FWISD had long needed but did not have funding for—within the detention basin. Significant attention was given to providing a dual-use facility that could function as an athletic field, be accessible and maintainable, and only store water during major storms.

The field was elevated and concrete flumes were constructed to carry flows from minor storms around the field without inundating the playing surface. An irrigation and underdrain system allow the field to dry quickly and reduce maintenance. The slopes of the basin were terraced for erosion control and aesthetics.

The facility treats both subsurface and overland storm water flows coming into the detention basin. Subsurface flows are treated with a snout manhole and overland flows are treated with an off-line sediment pond, followed by a sand filter.

Project Year:
Designers: Jacobs Engineering Group
Owner: City of Fort Worth
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Cost: $2 million
Size: 205,550 gpm; 248,320 sq ft